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The founder of the Higher School of Management Personnel is an association "Kadry dla Konina", which - by the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education No. DSW 2-01-4003- 135/07 issued on 24th July 2007 (register no. 344) - was granted permission to establish a non-public university under the name: Wyższa Szkoła Kadr Manedżerskich (Higher School of Management Personnel).

Since then, we have been creating our model of school of the future. Our educational offer is directed to the people of all ages who want to gain knowledge, expand skills, and shape attitudes which make up high professional competences demanded by a labor market.

The strategic goal of our University is to educate modern, open-minded and visionary leaders who measure up to the challenges of a rapidly changing global and local reality.

The Higher School of Management Personnel invites you to study in the following faculties:

Economics - first and second cycle studies

Power engineering – first cycle studies (engineering)

Each level of education gives our students the opportunity for professional development

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